Tuesday, November 12, 2019


A 14 year-old girl named Oluebube Emmanuel from Nnewi South in Anambra State, who resides in Aba-Abia State with her parents,  was kidnapped in Aba on Thursday being November 7, 2019 when she went to collect money from her debtor, only to found herself with other four people crossing river. 

She gave her parents names as   Mrs Chinyere Nwankwo and Mr Emmanuel Nwankwo respectively,  helps her mother in selling of bread.

She only recalled collecting money from her debtor and when vehicle crossed her. The next was seeing herself with other three boys and a girl in a boot crossing a river. 

When they tried to shout, one of the kidnappers threatened to slaughter them with his machete. He collected their phones and money when one of the victims tried to contact his people with his phone. 

When they crossed the river, and started moving inside the bush, suddenly they kidnappers started fighting within themselves. The one with stick hit the one with machete while the other with bottle hit on the other person on the head. As they were fighting, the machete which fell from one them to the ground now rose up on its own and started untie five of them (victims). 

They started looking for a way out, she was wondering in the bush Thursday and Friday but towards Friday's night she saw main road and slept in front of a shop which the woman that owned the shop woke her up the next morning. She took her to a nearby police station after narrating her story to her, and she told them that she was looking for her way back  to Aba but the woman responded that she has not heard of that name, Aba, before. 

Unfortunately, none of the police officers  were able to understand her language, even when she spoke pig English. She slept in the police station that Saturday's night, the next morning being Sunday the officers used sign and asked her to find her way out since the woman was no where to be found.

She started another wondering and later slept in front of locked shop that Sunday night but later three men with torch light woked her up and promised to show her the way out but they later tried to abuse her sexually which she indirectly gathered some sand in her palm and called the blood of Jesus and pour it on their faces and ran out, those men couldn't find her again. 

As she was going till the next morning being Monday, she saw another police station which she entered and tried to explain to them, they were unable to understand her but later called an officer who hears and understand English. He was the one that told her that he was transferred from Aba to that place. 

He took her to the park where she entered Aba vehicle that stopped at Osisioma. When she got to Osisioma and entered keke to Aba park, she lost her way again. Luckily, one of their neighbours who is a keke raider found her and brought her back home.

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