Monday, October 28, 2019


Senator Doguwa has narrated why Igbo cannot be able to succeed in life, if they are separated from Nigeria.

He was of the opinion that Igbos are everywhere doing their small businesses. Means no part of this country one will go without seeing an Igbo man trading there. As a result separating from Nigeria will make them to suffer.

He has this to say:

"Let me tell you this, especially the IPOB that has made it an issue, if they are allowed to go they will cry. Let me give you a simple example, can you tell me any small village in Nigeria today that you cannot find an Igbo man? You can’t. You can’t tell me of a small village in this country where you will not find an Igbo man doing his small business or trade."

"When they secede will they then say they are going back to their own country? Do you think we in the remaining Nigeria will allow them to continue to stay in our villages or in our own part? Or will they allow our people to stay in their own part? No, they will not."

"People don’t see themselves as Nigerians first. I see myself as a northerner, the other sees himself as a southerner and on and on. More so, even in the North, I see myself as a Kano man and I will not share my views with somebody from Jigawa, Kaduna or Sokoto."

"That shouldn’t be the case. We are supposed to see ourselves first as Nigerians then as northerners as the case may be so that the unity we inherited from our founding fathers will be meaningful and useful to us."

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