Saturday, September 14, 2019


According to Nigerian based South Africa auto spare parts dealer, named Dino. He narrated the cause of the attacks on foreigners.

He described the situation as lackadaisical attitude of the South African government to address the activities of youths live in hostels.

These were unemployed people who live in the hostels that are monthly paid by government and they used government officials to distort the country especially foreigners because that's the only way to get international attention.

He has this to say:
“The attacks are perpetrated by youths who live in hostels. These hostels are in Hillbrow, Malvern, Orlando and almost all the provinces. They are homes provided by government to jobless people. Aside this, they are paid monthly.”

“Those living in the homes are being used by some government officials to distort the country. They target foreign nationals because that is the only way to gain international attention. They launch attack any time they want money from government. By the time they get the money, the whole place will be calm.”

“There has been call to scrap these hostels and give these people jobs. But they are not ready to work because they are used to getting free money. Claims that South African women go after men from other countries and abandon their men is not false. Their women accuse their men of not spending much on them as men from other countries do.”

“At the moment , everyone is indoors. Fortunately, the ongoing crisis is not only affecting Nigerians and other foreign nationals. It is also affecting South Africans because some of them owned the burnt shops we rented for our businesses. Also some buildings that were destroyed are owned by South Africans.

For instance, I have three South Africans as employees. Like me, they have not reported to work since last Monday’s attack. The solution is not in Nigerians or other African countries nationals leaving South Africa. It is left in the hands of the South African government to address activities of these hostel boys”.

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