Wednesday, September 11, 2019

SUMMARY OF NNAMDI KANU'S MEETING WITH EU open invitation to present Biafran course to UN

Breaking news.. IPOB Leader Nnamdi kanu and Deputy Uche Mefor shakes EU Parliament in Brussels, Eu Says Kanu & IPOB Not a Terrorist organization, UN official hands Kanu invitation inside Eu Parliament.

Nnamdi kanu the IPOB leader stormed the EU Parliament in Brussels Belgium today with cogent Documents, CCT Videos of Python dance 3 showing Nigerian Army torturing and killing IPOB members, Another video showing Nigerian Army looting the Palace of King Isreal Kanus father, Others videos shows killing of Biafrans across South East states during peaceful Protests by IPOB members,
Others including Videos of unarmed and peaceful Protests by IPOB members absolving them of being armed as a Terrorist,

Nnamdi kanu further informed the EU Parliament of that the renewed call for Biafra restoration was caused due to the continued killings, intimidation, marginalization, recolonization, among others committed against Biafrans by the current administration of President Muhammadu buhari, kanu further informed the EU Parliament of millions of IPOB members detained illegally by President Muhammadu buhari while orders were killed in different states of Biafra, kanu have requested envoy from the EU Parliament to visit Biafra for the spot assessment of happening's in Biafra as he have presented it before them today.

At the end of the Parliament a United Nations UN official handed Nnamdi kanu invitation by the United Nations UN to appear and present same Biafra issues.

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