Saturday, September 14, 2019


Some of Nigerians have reviewed why they will rather die in South Africa than returning home where Boko Haram terrorists are killing people at will and where innocent blood are been shed by militia groups who take laws into their hands.

Also where the lawless Fulani herdsmen slaughter people and Federal government refused to do something about it.

They were of the opinion that there is nothing to do in Nigeria as a result blaming the economy of Nigeria as the major reason they feel reluctant to return.

A Nigerian who gave his name as Ferdnard Ikechukwu, said why he did not use the opportunity of the free flight back to Nigeria, said, “Come to Nigeria to do what? Is the situation there better than what we have here? Are Boko Haram not killing people at will? Are there no militia groups who take laws into their hands and waste innocent lives in Nigeria? What about all the killings back home by bandits, herdsmen kidnappers? What has the government done to address them?

“Besides, will government give me job? Will I return and fold my hands watching my aged parents feed me , my wife and children? I will rather remain here and pray for God’s protection”.

Another Nigerian, Osasoyen Idemia, said “ Government is saying we should come home when there are no plans on ground for us. If the Nigerian government will address the issue of electricity, about 75% of Nigerians in South Africa will return home because our work needs unhindered electricity supply. If there is constant electricity supply in Nigeria, Nigerians who have invested here in South Africa will return home. This is an essential need government must address”.

On the other side, Mr Uche Ozioma, said, “It is not as if I do not want to return home. But I have already established a business here. I have been here for 20 years and I have branches in seven provinces. I have four children, all graduates. Two of them are married to South Africans. I go home (Nigeria) every December to spend Christmas with my parents and relatives. Tell me, if I leave here, where would I start from?”

Another Nigerian Edome Asemota, said, “I can’t leave because there is no hope for me back home. I came into South Africa, three years ago, having spent five years in Nigeria without a job. I did all kinds of menial jobs to eke a living, while in Nigeria, yet , I could not rent one-room apartment. Besides, pressure was on me to get married because I am an only child.

“My course mate back in the university invited me to South Africa three years ago. I started as a sales boy in a car mart in Malvern , a suburb of Johannesburg. I also help people wash cars. At least I could save reasonable amount. The only problem here is the xenophobic attacks. My prayer is that God will spare my life”.

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