Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Nigerians and other nationals residing in South Africa are experiencing xenophobic attack. If you are the president of South Africa, what will do about this xenophobic attack? 

A journalist asked the Former President Obasanjo. 

He cleared his throat and answered, xenophobia in south Africa is really unfortunate.  "If I were the President of South Africa what will I do?  May be the issue won't have risen. 

The Xenophobic attack won't happen at all, but since it has happened, firstly, I will condemn  the action in a very very stand language. 

Secondly, those that seem to be glorifying the action,  no matter how close they are to me, I will publically castigate them. 

Thirdly,  I will make example of a few of  those who did it."

He went on to explain that South Africa is one of the leading countries in Africa and will continue to be. "So if any country which is a leader in the continent can not accommodate other countries in their soil then they don't deserve to be a leader.''

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