Friday, September 13, 2019


Nigerian Police has nabbed the leader of notorious kidnappers who operated along Abuja-Kaduna road.

He confessed how many people he has killed and how many times he has kidnapped people and also how his brother Alhaji Abu normally bring weapons which he used for kidnapping.

He said: “Since I relocated to the village, I have been calm. I was into armed robbery and kidnapping. I have kidnapped about 50 times. I have collected N3m like six times. I have collected N10m, N17m, and N19m from different places.”

“I operate along Abuja-Kaduna road. I use small boys and those from my village in Maidaro. My boys are in Katsina and Zamfara. They are in nine places.”

“I used AK47 rifles and I bought bought each of the AK 47 riffle at the rate of #650,000 to #700000 from one Yaro Alhaji at Kajori.”

“I buy like a container of ammunition.”

“A single ammunition is N1,000.”

“I have killed like 10 people. I killed one because the family insulted me on phone when I called them. Others were killed because their families did not pay ransom.”

“I did all these things before but I have stopped them now. I have calmed down. If I call my brother Alhaji Abu, he will bring those weapons I used for kidnapping.”

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