Saturday, August 17, 2019


There are this common believe that every woman must bleed the first time she has sex to ascertain that she still a vagina before then. 

There's one thing people fail to understand that all women have different heights and weights and features. At the same time, they have different amounts and types of hymen. 

Hymen is a fold of tissue partly closing the orifice of the vagina. Some women have thick hymens, some have very thin hymens  and some have no hymens at all. 

Some women have larger hymens while some women naturally have a very little or thin of hymen that covers only a portion of their vaginal opening. 

Hymens differ from girl to girl from birth. Therefore, bleeding has nothing to do with virginity. 

Hymen wears away on its own as you grow up,  some theirs wears away during exercise of physical activities like bicycling, dancing, horseback riding or using tampons during menstruation. All these are for women who have very small hymen. 

Women who have experienced any of these will not bleed the first time they have sex. Especially when the woman has a thin hymen, She may not bleed the first time of having sex. 

According to research, hymen wears away on its own as girls grow up. A 16 year-old girl has a better chance of bleeding than a 25 year old during their first time of having sex. 

Again, most women who bleed were those dealt roughly during sex, they bleed as a result of the injury sustained.

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