Saturday, August 17, 2019


The All Progressive Congress (APC) spokesperson in Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe was on Wednesday made it clear that he's a proudly Nigerian, that does not belong to any ethnic group. 

He made this statement at the House of Assembly to giggling those who seen to be more strongly  partial to one's own ethnic groups, during the last batch screening of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu's cabinet nominees. 

He said that if he's to be the President of Nigeria, the first thing he will do is to make sure that nobody filling a form will put his state of origin. By doing so, people will be willing to work for the good of the country. 

“I’m proudly Nigerian; I don’t know about east, west, north or south. I have been in Lagos since 1985. My children were born here. It’s high time we started building this country.” 

“I get angry when people mention ethnicity. A young Nigerian lady was just made a minister in Britain. If I become the president of this country, nobody is going to fill form and put his state of origin. That’s the first thing I will do. It is when you take people for who they are that is when they will release their energy for the good of the country. One day, Nigerians will say, we are all Nigerians.” 

“The reason for the attitude of easterners in Lagos at the last election was because Peter Obi was on the ballot. If Atiku had won, he would be the vice president.” 

“If 70 to 75 per cent of a particular people dominate a region, they should be encouraged. If they don’t get council chairman, at least make them deputy. What Igbo people have in Lagos, they don’t have a quarter of it in their land. If you see anybody that is doing well in the South East, he must have a thriving business in Lagos.”

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