Thursday, August 1, 2019


August is the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar, which is following July and preceding September. The abbreviation of August is known as 'Aug'

Here are unique qualities of people born in the month of August:

1. Good in arguments: August born are always right when dealing with people. They are good in proving people wrong especially who assassinated their character. If you engage in argument with them, don't expect to defeat them because they will surely win. 

2. Good in writing skills:  August don't like expressing their feelings face to face with people rather they prefer putting it in writing, that's why they are phenomenal writers and express themselves more fluently in writing.  They will like to look for a writing material to express their emotions across to you. 

3.  They feel special:  August born are careful with their affections as a result of that they don't throw themselves at anyhow persons. This is because not everyone will understand their kind of person. Some see it as if they are feeling too big or being selfish.

4. They are good manage finance:  August born are not good in wasting money. They are good in keeping records of how they spent their money.  Therefore, they only spend when there is need for it. They don't ask money from others that is more of the reasons they are carefully manage their money and spend it when it is necessary. 

5. They easily get annoyed:  August born get annoyed easily especially with people that ask stupid questions. They are hot tempered people and don't hide their feelings when they are angry. Always sure of the questions you throw at them. 

6.  They are lucky people:  August born are fortunate because they get through situation easily than others. Where others go and failed, they will go and come out victoriously. They are seen as influential personalities and also encourage others to do well in life. 

7.  They are super tolerant in a relationship:  August born are people holding their relationship with others but easily provoked when taken for granted. They can tolerate a lot but go beyond anger and often fill with red hot rage and that makes them louder and more intense in their shouting.

8.  They are too reserved:  August born like keeping to themselves as a result of that, they prefer to have their personal space. They don't feel lonely being alone because it's parts of their lives. They are good in listening to everyone and their decision but disclosed theirs only to the few people they are related to.

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