Monday, August 5, 2019


A  12 year-old girl named Queen was declared missing on July 27 , 2019, from her home town in Umuaturu in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State. 

The girl who went to farm with her mother on that very day, after harvesting some cassavas. Her mother parked a bag of cassavas on a  bicycle gave it to her to drop at home and come back from them to park the remaining once and go home together. 

Mother waited, after some hours and no sign of her daughter.  Angrily, She returned to look for her. Unfortunately, She was told that Queen entered a Jeep and the car drove off. 

When asked, if they could identified the person in the car, they kids who were playing with the scene of the event said, they were two men, one is unknown to them while the other is one of their relatives,  who also lives closer to them. 

They said that he called Queen when she was about to move out after a brief discussion with him,  she now entered inside the Jeep alongside with them and they drove off. 

Queen's family rushed to the man's house to verify the allegation levelled against him, the man was no where to be found till date.

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