Thursday, July 4, 2019


The Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode stated how three of the President Muhammadu Buhari's friends, warned him against the danger in ruga settlement policy, let's hope he will listen to them.

Buhari was urged to drop this Rugalization and islamization agenda before it's too late. Also warned to stop this madness and restore peace, love, fraternity, trust and mutual respect among the ethnic groups in the country.

"Three of Buhari's old friends have warned him about the dangers of Fulanisation, Islamisation and RUGA. They are OBJ, Kongi and T.Y. Danjuma.

I pray he listens before it is too late and the whole place explodes. Right now he is planting the seeds of war and that is painful and tragic.

The truth is that RUGA has little to do with ranching and everything to do with a clandestine, surreptitious and subtle attempt to establish and foist new Emirates on an unsuspecting and oftentimes naive and gullible Middle Belt and south, over a period of time.

History proves that the Fulani conquer by stealth, infiltration, co-habitation, guile and assimilation. And they do so subtly and incrementally. Their greatest weapons are patience, a firm resolve, the ability to be utterly ruthless and total and complete unity amongst themselves and unanimity of purpose.

They rarely attack frontally until they have gained a strong foothold and the odds are heavily in their favour.They never show their true colours until they have you under their feet after which they will do so with power and precision. And we are almost there.

Today Nigeria is in exactly the same place that the old Yugoslavia was 2 years before her civil war started after which she broke up into 5 separate countries. Most Nigerians do not see or know this because they know little about world history.

And that plays into the hands of those that are senselessly pushing us to the precipice and the brink of war and disintegration.Some may want a referendum,the right to exercise their right of self-determination and a break-up and others may want unity but NONE wants war.

I therefore urge Buhari to drop this evil agenda of subjugation and conquest and to desist from attempting to achieve the late Saurdana of Sokoto's publicly stated obejective of "conquering the south" and "dipping the tip of the Koran in the Atlantic ocean".

I urge him to retrace his steps, to let sanity prevail and to do whatever it takes to avoid this looming conflict. He MUST drop the hated Fulanisation, Islamisation and RUGA agenda before it is too late and before the entire country explodes in carnage and rivers of blood.

I am speaking prophetically now. It is just not worth it. What lies ahead on the path that he has taken is horrific and too gruesome to comprehend. No-one will be spared, least of all his own people. The fear and hatred in the land is real. It is tangible and palpable.

I urge Buhari  to stop this madness and to give  peace, love, fraternity, trust and mutual respect between the ethnic nationalities in our country a chance. That is the only way to save Nigeria from eventually exploding and burning. That is the only way to avoid Armageddon."

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