Sunday, July 7, 2019


Nigerians and there love for irrelevant things... 
What impact has BBN on our National or Social development... ?

The dynamism in this program has been buried by myopic sentiments and minds. 

Big brother Africa!!!   Was the real ideology... The real deal

Were different individuals represent there country... Kenya, Ghana,  South Africa,  Tanzania,  Uganda,  Zambia,  Egypt,  Morocco etc

The display there culture,  charisma,  talents,  country foods,  country music,  lifestyle,  innovativeness, Unite Africa...  And stand as a brand for Africa. Winners become Ambassadors of Africa... Doing philanthropy work,  Humanitarian work across Africa Promote new technological  brands .etc

Today this idea ,would have made BBA most valued TV life program in the world!! 

but ignored and buried for 
Lost, sexual conquest, and money making venture for promoters. 

Nigeria is never a serious nation 
Evident in every sector of our economy!!!!

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