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Prince Osuya B Omotunde reacted to the All progressives Congress (APC) national Chairman, Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his fake condolence visit to Pa Fasoranti, the leader of Afenifere Social-Cultural organisation on his 58 year old daughter Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin who was murdered by Fulani herdsmen last week. 

The Yorubas gave Tinubu the teeth he is now biting them with for his selfish interest, but they can as well take it back if they feel his bites are becoming unbearable, his statement during the fake condolence visit portrays no regard or concern for the deceased family and the entire Yoruba Community.

Prince Osuya wrote an open letter to Tinubu with titled "Who Will Tell Ahmed Tinubu?

"Your ambition to be Nigeria President is still a quest. I will not go deep in reminding you about your definition of Progressive  political ideology which you pride yourself with --- a Progressive Democrat!  that is a fine insult to the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo  political philosophy. 

"I will limit this on the premise of what just played out at  Ondo/Ore axis which a daughter of a prominent yoruba leader Sister  Funke met her untimely death after she  visited  her father , the Afenifere Leader Pa Reuben  Fasoranti.  Nevertheless, Afenifere is a social cultural organization that is reputable for speaking on the interest of the Yoruba nation at all time.

This structure  gave you a platform via NADECO  of which you  vied for governor of Lagos State and won,  this is after you lost to third place in the AD primary election to Late Engr. Funsho Williams (my late brother and friend from the Catholic Church of the Assumption Falomo Ikoyi , Lagos and your erstwhile Deputy Bucknor Akerenle  who you successfully impeached) the rest is history as you parted ways with Afenifere Social Cultural Organization and subsequently ridicule the social cultural organization by even having a parallel one in their name!

In fairness to you , one must be ambitious in life, I cherished that about you.  You have successfully done alot to be where you are. You have made Kings and made alot for yourself and your unborn generation!  

Permit me to say this , at this level of success, in this zenith of affluence one must trend with caution. History is a mirror and our reflection  remains the inclination of services render to people at certain times. The AFONJA story is a reminder which I know you are conspicuously familiar with. 

The yoruba nation is divided because of your ambition 2023 , your ambition is tearing the Yoruba nation apart. Once again, in fairness to you it is your right as a Nigerian ,  privileged by the Constitution that you can vie for it. Yes you wanted the Leadership of the National Assembly you got it . Thats a process that seems to give you unguided confidence. Men are not God! Want gives you the confidence that the same people you gladly fixed up there with a price will not betray you? Learn from history Jagaban. 

The record of those who you betrayed on your way up is clear to the discerning and yourself know it better. Kola Abiola startling revelation is in public domain among others! Some have also betrayed the confidence you reposed on them. Obanikoro, Fashola, Fayemi among others are your political sons can you vounch for them that they are loyal ? 

So why trusting a man who has betrayed you before and will do it again but before it is too late and history to be kind to you, I plead with you to remember this great sage, Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo in his brief sojourn, did not lead us to war because of his ambition, he stood by this people you are about to extinguish! (God forbid) He made allegiance to the people to protect their interest at all time. That's what made him great as AWO. He is an institution...The Awoist emerged. Remember "Kaaki dobale fun Gambari ,Kaa roju Ku" indeed that's an historical reflection of good student of history. 

The people first , then his ambition! Did I need to remind you how he died ? The betrayers - urging you to RUN!
At the expense of our glorious people, our lands is about to be taken away by cattle rustlers, armed herdsmen, and dethronement of our cherished culture and traditions in RUGALIZATION of the Yoruba nation across the NIGER bridge. How will this sound to you, Emir Of Lagos, Emir Of Oyo, Emir Of Ife, Emir Of Benin , Emir Of Abeokuta ,Emir Of Iwo? (God forbid silently you say)! Unfortunately, that's where your ambition is leading us to. Or did I hear you say story? Remember the progeny of the Tinubu's built by Madam Tinubu it must not end the way she ended. Caution I say!

I watch in dismay your conclusion on the insult you passed to another section of the country which you never hide the disdain you secretly nursed for the Igbos at the house of Afenifere Leader asking is "EVAN a Herdman"? I will remind you a simple quote from a man that made me. He said concerning power. "Power is a crazy aphrodisiac it made men blind to see their short coming" ---DELE GIWA.  that's the extent your ambition is driving you crazy SIR !

Let's us be fair to Evan the kidnapper . He is truly not a Herdsman. He is a product of a failed  State, he does not kill his victims at spree, he does not kill his victims unnecessarily, Evans is not responsible for the  massive killings and Kidnapping in Benue, Bornu, Taraba, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Gombe, Zamfara, Katsina,  Plateau, Abuja, Lagos, Osun , Oyo, and Ondo,. Evans is not a land grabber or forcing people to be Igbolize or Christianize, EVAN does not live in thick forest and brandish cutlass or AK47, This is the annoying comparative analysis you brought to the fore , Evan did not invade people home and slaughtered them at dawn , he is not a mercenary bought with money and wanting to allocate free land for, Evans is not from Niger, Chad,  Mali, Libya, or Senegal , Evan is a Nigerian with a Nigerian blood running in his vein  Evan is a victim of a failed State who took to criminal activities which he was caught and he is being persecuted by the State! 

The deceptive mindset of making it a political statement when we should be mourning which  call for sober reflection of condemning the wicked preposition  that befell the Yoruba nation you chose to satisfy the pride of your masters making AFONJA a little myth and you graciously assuming the mightier! It is shameful and a miscalculated political missiles that is dead on arrival. The family know the killer of their daughter. Did you listen to the old man message to the President when the President sent words of consolations. He didn't say go and find the killers of my daughter because he is well informed, but said to the "President go and find solutions to the wanton killings  across the country"! So your consolatory message is not only a huge joke taken too far but a euphemism for a looming anarchy  SIR. 

I am aware that true friends are hard to come by , my candid advice for you is to drop your political ambition of becoming President. President is not by Power or efforts, God gives to whom it pleases effortlessly, history is a pointer to this fact .it  has shown in record time, do reflect on how the following people become President:   Late President Shehu Shagari, Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo, Late President Umar Yar'adua , ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, and even the incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari of which you're a key player!  

Forget this ambition , it is not a good fight for you....I urge you to join forces  and make a better history,  hence  book makers will  be kind on you. The yoruba nation needs you for selfless service they have been kind to you,  reward them with real progressive ideology the one Awolowo left behind. you're bless with the resources and capacity. The yoruba template made you. Yes, the machinery made you. Work again with the template of hope and stop deluding yourself for its the feudal lord shenanigans and deceit. They will fail you!

Tinubu Ronu and Yoruba history will be kind to you. 
Who will Tell Jagaban that bad history is about to be written of him?.

Too good for me, I have to write this ... Who Will Tell AHMED Tinubu?"

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