Saturday, July 13, 2019


As a result of Fulani agenda against indigenous of Nigeria. One of these prominent reaction of people is what Mr Martins Frederick wrote.

Read the text below:

"Today I will be frank and brutally truthful!

The Igbos all along knew what the Fulani stand for, they led a revolution of southern Nigerians that cut the Fulani Agenda to size, and, though it was not a tribal revolution, it became an Igbo coup. Yoruba leaders led Yoruba to the Fulani party as guests not as celebrants.

Fast forward...yet with the Fulani owning the Federal Government...Yoruba were only too happy to be a part of it...yet, we saw great men like Abiola, Fela, Beko Ransome Kuti, Falana, Gani Fawehinmi and a host of others maltreated and jailed...even Awolowo...was wrongly sent to jail by the northern powers..for which a Yoruba judge claimed his hands were tied!

And, one has to ask: "what is it that Yoruba see in Fulani that other southern brothers and sisters do not see ?"

Look how this lovely  responsible daughter of a responsible gentleman, elder and leader of Afenifere and therefore southern leader has been mowed down by people not wothy of cleaning her painful.

I doff my hat for FFK because he saw something others refused to see during the formation of APC and he said it, that APC is Fulani and he bolted away from APC.

He became scorned by the Yoruba and nothing he said was important. Alas! The stone that the builders rejected has become the head cornerstone!

Ojukwu instilled fear into the Fulani and that fear is still there even when Ojukwu has passed on. Because, there are those who can do what Ojukwu did, if not better.

I pray that the south can stand arm in arm to overcome the Fulani trouble."


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