Thursday, July 18, 2019


People reacted as Mr President Muhammadu Buhari lament over the hatred on him towards Nigerians.

"I have No private business, No private University, I owned No oil well, No foreign accounts, I live solely on pensions and my salary. What is my offence, why the hatred," Mr President.

Your offence is that you're too tribalistic. The bearing of arms is no offence to Fulanis. Killing, raping,  kidnapping is no offense once it has to do with Fulanis.

 Illegal immigration of foreign Fulanis that are causing problems and committing crimes,  which you,  Mr President on January of this year confirmed, is not offence, instead you want RUGA settlement for them. 

Killing of the Hausas in the north means nothing to you, more especially the Christians. 

Forceful acquisition of community lands by the Fulanis have been legalized.

You failed to carry the whole nation alone as the father of the country.

You have no economic project and policy that will build up or boost the economical live of the nation,  excerpt the 18th century business - RUGA.

You have no policy to attract and encourage  foreign investors, Non of your policy encourages modern industrialization.

Personally, I have three things against you: 

1. 2019 election was rigged in your favour. 

2. Fulani herdsmen are killing Nigerians with your influence and you are not ordering for their arrest and prosecution or sanction. 

3. With the various ethic groups we have in Nigeria, you only found Hausas/Fulanis as the best for your appointments.

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