Tuesday, July 2, 2019


"It happened in Wase, Plateau State with grazing reserve but now turned to Wase Emirate, and we can see the current problems there.

Also in 1987, the then Military Governor of Kaduna State, Lt.Col. Dangiwa Umar, established "Kachia grazing Reserve" in the old Kachia Local Government area of Kaduna State. 

Three(3) years later in 1990, Kachia grazing Reserve was re-named "Laduga grazing Reserve". LADUGA is a Fulani word. Ikulu and Adara tribes are the original indigenes in this location with almost 100 percent Christians. As of now, there is a fast growing town with the name "Laduga". 

A Fulani man is now the District Head who is directly under the Emir of Zazzau( a Fulani), in  Zaria. Under normal situation, the District Head in this place is supposed to report either  to Ikulu  Chiefdom or Adara Chiefdom. 

These are Christian Traditional Rulers, hence a Fulani District Head cannot be under any of them. Any moment from now, LADUGA EMIRATE will be established by Kaduna State Govt.

Please note also that the indigenous people of this location have now been chased out of their ancestral place of origin.

If Benue indigenes, for instance, allow the so-called Ruga settlements to be established, the Fulani Emirs of Ukum, Tarka and Otukpo in future will not only rename these towns with Fulan's names, but also our highly respected Paramount Chiefs -  HRM, the TOR TIV and HRM, the OCHI IDOMA will be disregarded and looked down."

Say no to RUGA!

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