Friday, July 19, 2019


A 32 year old National and International footballer, Mikel Obi who has flied the country's flag high has quit Super Eagles saying that it's time for him to retire from the National team to enable the youth take over. 

Mikel is a legend that will forever be remembered, his commitment and generosity will forever be echoed in Nigerian football. 

He took the right decision at the right time. He has done meritoriously well and has made Nigeria proud. 

"Egypt is a country where I’ve started and have finished my National career."

"In 2006 I played my first official championship for my Country."

"2019 African Cup of Nations marks my last championship for National Team with Super Eagles."

"My national career started in 2003 under 17 World Cup and I’m grateful for the national team for placing me on the world arena and giving me an opportunity to show my skill and have an incredible National and International career."

"At the age of 32 it’s time for me to retire from the National team and let the youth take over, who’ve done an amazing job securing a bronze medal at AFCON 2019."

He thanked his Nigerian supporters and to his country for trust, love and support given to him over the years. 

"Thank you to all my Nigerian supporters and to my Country for all the trust, support and love you’ve shown me over the past 15 years.

Mikel am out!"

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