Friday, July 19, 2019


The Senate President, Ahmed Lawan said to Bobby Moroe, the South African Commissioner that the killing of Nigerians in South Africa has to stop. 

He made an emphasis that about 118 Nigerians who have lost their lives in the to xenophobic attack over the years especially the dead of one Mrs Elizabeth Church who was murdered in her hotel room which according to an autopsy was revealed that her died was from “unnatural causes consistent with strangulation”.

“We in the parliament must speak and prevent any further killings. These killings must stop.” 

“This is the era of social media where corpse of a victim may spark violence that may go beyond the control of government.” 

“The South African government must as a matter of urgency do whatever it takes to protect the lives and property of Nigerians living there, just as Nigerian government remains committed to the safety of South Africans residing here and their investments.” 

“I believe we have faced enough, we will no longer take it anymore. We want to write the names of Nigerians killed, and the South African parliament must act fast to put a stop to this menace.” 

“Over the years, 118 Nigerians have been killed, while 13 out of these were killed by South African Police. We must establish events leading into these killings, including the recent one of Mrs. Elizabeth Chukwu, who was killed in her hotel room.”

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