Sunday, July 21, 2019


A multiple pregnancy from a single zygote is called monozygotic, from two zygote is called dizygotic,  or from three or more zygote is called polzygotic. 

The average length of pregnancy in humans is two weeks fewer than gestation and it is 38 weeks with a single fetus. 

This average decreases for each additional fetus; to thirty-six weeks for twin births, thirty-two weeks for triplets, and thirty weeks for quadruplets.

A woman to give multiple births can be categorized in following ways; 

*  Either she gives birth naturally which means the woman ovulates multiple eggs or the fertilized egg splits into two. 

*  The woman gives birth at a result of infertility treatments known as IVF which stands as several embryos transferred to compensate for lower quality. 

*  The woman gives birth at a result of fertility drugs which can cause multiple eggs to mature in one ovulatory cycle. 

*  The woman gives birth through a mysterious way. 

Research has it that as a  woman gets older, the more chances of having multiple birth naturally is there.  Older women normally have a higher level of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone due to their ovaries respond more slowly to FSH stimulation. 

We can recalled in our previous post on selection of baby's sex that men sperm cells are either X or Y while the egg cell is always X.

Therefore, if X-Sperm cell meet  the egg (X)  the baby will automatically be a Girl (XX) whereas Y-Sperm cell meet the egg (X)  then the baby will be a Boy (XY)

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