Thursday, July 25, 2019


The members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria popularly known as Shi'ites during the funeral ceremony of their members in Suleja, Niger State vowed to continue protestation till their leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky is being released.

Some of their members were killed, wounded many while very few were arrested during the protest clash between them and police officers on Monday.

During the funeral ceremony, the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in the person of Abdullahi Muhammadu Musa made the following statement;

“Police carnage against followers of Sheikh Zakzaky continues senselessly.”

“Yesterday, at Federal Secretariat, the bureaucratic seat of the Nigerian government, police gunned down close to forty protesters, wounded scores and arrested very many.”

“Senseless killing as this can never put off a conceptual cause as the Islamic movement is, and the struggle continues.”

“The rites of funeral of the Killed took place today at Suleja. Enough, hundreds of people attended the funeral prayer, including members of their immediate families, friends and other people from around the neighbourhood and far afield; and colourful wreaths were laid on their coffins.”

“Even though heavily armed forces laid siege of brothers and sisters at Banex Plaza today, teargassing and shooting live rounds of ammunition, free EL-Zakzaky protests will continue nonstop unless our leader regain his freedom to go and tend for his seriously deteriorating health condition.”

“Trigger-happy security personnel should know that senseless killing can never put us off the streets of Abuja, it only adds more power to our elbow; no amount of cruelty and inhumanity will deter us. Our leader should just be released. Tomorrow is another day for us, and protests continue.”

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