Tuesday, July 16, 2019


The National Chairman of All progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu has accused Igbos for any killing and kidnapping in Nigeria. 

He said that Fulani herdsmen can't attack anyone without their cows following them. Since there's no cow, Igbos should be blamed on it. 

"I don't like pointing fingers. Abiola wasn't killed by the Fulani. Did anyone sight any cows when he was killed, Nigerians pls stop accusing innocent Fulani anyhow. Do you know that Fulani herdsmen can't attack without their cows following them. So where is the cows:"

"I love Fulani. They are nice and peaceful people." 

"Whenever you head about killings and kidnappings. Blame it on igbos," he stated. 

If Tinubu is praising the Fulanis for killing his own Sister late Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin because of his inordinate ambition to become the president till eternity.  

He is playing politics with the untimely death of this Woman because of his selfishness. All the killings by the Fulanis they came with Cows?  

It's now obvious that Tinubu is a beast. The difference between a human and monster is empathy. Whenever someone becomes bereft of empathy to the extent that you cannot feel other people's pains and agonies, you automatically transform to a beast.

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