Sunday, July 7, 2019


Dear Mr.  #Femi Adesina, Media Aid to President Buhari, please I just inbox you not quite long ago and want you to please take my Message to your Principal Mr.  President #Buhari." 

"Nigeria is not a wayward and Nuisance Country or Nation and so please let the President immediately order for the Ban and immediate Abolition of that useless TV program Tagged #Big Brother Nija, BB9ja as that useless series drama show is causing National Embarrassment to our country Nigeria.  

The Activity of That wayward Tv program is Anti-Islam and Anti-Christians and so should not be allow to operate in Nigeria. Thanks and let's think and reason together."

National disgrace!!!! This has gone too far and crossed the red line, this is a handshake beyond the elbow. Ban Ban Ban please. In my house I have actually unplugged all the TV sets and disconnected all decoders including my office till this senseless program is over. No wonder they decided not shoot it within our borders and they took it to a place where such stupidity is permitted.

There is no moral justification for this kind of program. What are we telling the world? Of what benefits is this program to our youths and children alike. Something needs to be done urgently to put a stop to such imoral program please.

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