Thursday, June 27, 2019


The Ughelli Decendant Union (UDU) was on Tuesday being June 15, 2019 gave Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) who operates in Ughelli in Delta State 3 months ultimatum to packed their belongings and leave the kingdom due to illegal extortion of light bills without power.

They added unless they are ready to provide prepaid meters within the speculated time given or face the wroth of the people.

In line with the letters given to the BEDC by the Ughelli Kingdom, among other exco members, the community stated that BEDC have “Failed to give the entire Kingdom light, we are in total darkness.
Ughelli residents also condemned BEDC act of extorting monies from them without seeing the light they paid for.

BEDC have failed to fulfil their corporate and social responsibility to us, particularly in the area of power, our business are closed, because the generator we do used cannot carry our deep freezers,” a frozen chicken seller lament her ordeals.

The ultimatum which is deemed to have begun on today will lapse on August 25th If by that day they don’t move out or don’t fix the prepaid metres we shall mobilize everyone in the community, including the youths and our eghweya (women group) and protest to their premises and shut them down."

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