Sunday, June 30, 2019


Fulani herdsmen invaded the village situated under Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State on Thursday around and created havoc in the whole place also inflicted deep machete cuts to a 76 year old leader named Chief Ismail Asasofunjo's head.

He was rushed to Alabata Health Centre but still in critical condition now.

The victim's wife, Bilikisu said that incident started around 7.30pm on Thursday night where two herdsmen came and requested for cigarettes from her but she didn't have the brand they demanded for.

They were charged at her 
angrily and forced her to run for her life, while her husband was at the backyard and tried to rescue her when they first attacked with machete.

She said,
“They angrily charged at me and I ran into the house and quickly locked the door but my husband was behind the house at the time.

“He then stood up to see the cause of the noise, one of the herdsmen landed a machete on his head.”

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