Tuesday, June 25, 2019


President Muhammdu Buhari has Re-submitted an executive bill to the National Assembly for the Federal Government to take control of all waterways and their banks in Nigeria. 

We could recall that during Buhari's first term in the office under the Leadership of Saraki Bukola and Dogara in the NASS Buhari brought the bill and it was rejected.

Now having a Rubber Stamp Senate President and Speaker House of Representatives, cunning President Buhari has returned the bill to the NASS to grab Banks of the Rivers for his cows and brothers.

Of curious attention is the annexing of thousands of lands adjoining the river banks. These  are ancestral lands belonging to poor farmers.

Without any doubt, President Buhari will, as soon as the bill is passed, hand over permanent grazing rights to his kinsmen, the Fulanis, who will come with their destructive weapons and commence expansion into/conquest of the hinterland! 

Also, the bill is intended to abrogate the Land Use Act, which has vested all lands in State Governors. This amounts to bringing grazing colonies through the backdoor.

All Nigerians must rise up to resist this obnoxious bill aimed at enthroning and legalising anarchy.

Another Bill to take up all the Rivers, Water Ways and seas is already waiting for this one to mature.

Circulate this fast and wide, let the world know this evil intention. That was more of the reasons he chose to put his trusted person as the Senate President in order to accept any order given to him.

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