Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Asiwaju Tinubu's message to Nigerians on how the world is now laughing at Nigeria.

“The world is laughing at us. 

We like good economy.

We want steady and constant power supply, we want jobs, we want food on our table, we desire good infrastructure and security but at the same time could not exercise patience for a willing government that is sincerely laying the foundation for all these to happen.

They brainwashed you with "hunger in the land" slogan. 

They said 20million Nigerians lost jobs.

Majority of those people who they said they lost their jobs were construction company workers whose contract monies were diverted and could not continue as at the time PMB took over.

With resumption of roads construction, rail construction, 2nd Niger Bridge, why are they not sincere to tell us how many Nigerians have been engaged?

They tell us bankers lost jobs, who liquidated those banks?

Did PMB or Osinbajo take loan from these banks?

Who killed Cooperative bank?

Who killed Societè Generale?

Who killed Enterprise bank?

Who killed Intercontinental? 

Who killed Skye bank? 

Some of them took loans ranging from N10billion and above and refused to pay back.

The banks folded up and you hear them shamelessly saying Buhari made Nigerians lose their jobs.

Since inception Buhari didn't sack anybody.

In fact he employed more graduates and junior level officers into the civil/public service.

He didn't owe salary.
By 28th of every month, all federal workers receive salaries.

Because you are not well informed you sink their lies. They say Buhari plans to Islamize Nigeria. 
How possible? 

Even Military government cannot dare it. 

Nigeria is a secular State. 

They use our Christian leaders to brainwash us because we have no sense of history.

In 1999-2001 you recall the religious riot in kaduna.

I was in Kaduna then, many Christians were massacred. Obj was president then. 

Between 2000-2007 you recall the Fulani herders -farmers/locals crises in Plateau State that led to declaration of state of emergency in Plateau State.

Who was President then? 
Obj and not PMB.

Do you know that in Benue State, farmer -fulani herdsmen had been at each other's throat since the military era? 

These kind of unhealthy political intrigues can only thrive in Nigeria where people have no sense of history or some people just want to deceive themselves.

Those who plunged us into the den of hunger, job loss, darkness, decay infrastructure, insecurity and poor education are posing as messiah, they killed our university system for their own to thrive.

It is only in Nigeria where a sitting President and his Vice would approve for themselves, while in office, the licence to build Universities. 

It is only in Nigeria where a President would abandon construction of National library and build multi billion Naira Presidential library in his hilltop mansion and the youths whose future is mortgaged will be clapping for them.

Resources that are meant for all were carted away yet you are here crucifying a man that is 'righting the wrongs' haba!

GOD BLESS NIGERIA” he lamented.

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