Monday, May 6, 2019


A girl narrated her ugly experience she had with ritualists in Aba Abia State. 

She followed the posters that read "job vacancy, call this so so number" with tempting salary. Which she called and followed the instructions given.

The scheduled date for interview was on  Wednesday, She came to Bata around Park. The vehicle that packed their picked her and fellow applicants to the interview venue. 

On getting to an  unknown destination precisely a house (duplex)  they queued up and were given numbers with a tag, as people they wanted to interview for a job. Her number was nine(9).

The first person entered the so called office for the interview and they later called the second person, and then the 3rd, the 4th  the 5th, none of these called people came back out. But They still continued. 

The girl became  uncomfortable and she summoned courage and went to the security man at gate and told him that she didn't know what was actually happening  here that none of the people that went in for the interview came out to say how the interview went.

The man told her that it was the spirit of God that directed her to him. He then leaked the secret to her that those people that entered for the interview had been butchered for rituals. 

So spirits don't shout. Fear gripped her and she begged the man to open gate for her. He told her it was too late  but the only solution was for her to enter the boot of their errand car which she did. When it was her turn no 9 she was no where to be found.

They searched for her every where  with the fear that she might be a ghost that came to spoil their business.  God saved her through the gate man who later drove out with the car to buy ritual items for them.

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