Monday, May 6, 2019


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice Presidential candidate, Peter Obi during an interview narrated how they intend to change Nigeria for the better. 

He said "We cannot shut our shop and be chasing thieves".

When he was asked to elaborate what he meant for that topic, he responded as follows:

"Nigeria is not the only 'Corrupt' Country in the world and it is not the most corrupt. Big nations, such as China and India were, at a time, far more corrupt than we are now. It is not possible to have a nation of saints. Such a nation does not exist and we cannot claim to be saints. In trying to rid the society of corruption, we have to pursue the vision of building a nation. The future of the nation is far more important. You must draw a line between yesterday and today."

"What is more important is to secure today while gradually trying to recover what you lost in the past. If you are focused on the past, you will miss tomorrow. Our economy is getting worse because we are focused on yesterday instead of focusing on tomorrow."

"I have been a governor for eight years where I inherited schools that were not working. As you know, schools in Anambra were shut down in 2001. We were backward in education and health and the state owed several years of gratuity."

"My predecessor started some work on the roads, which was very good and I commend him for it. But in the eight years of my administration, we became number one in education." 

"We won the Bill Gates award for health. We had the best road network and we became the best in financial management. If we were focused on the past when schools were shut, we would not have achieved all that." he stated.

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