Saturday, May 4, 2019


A Tanzanian police officer sued his colleague friend for inability to impregnate his wife after paying him 2,000,000 Tanzanian Shillings equivalent to K10,000 to be sleeping with his wife three evening a week for 10 months in 2016.

A 50 year old man named Darius Makambako and wife Precious at 45 who have been married for 6 years without a child after doctor told them that he was sterile.

He decided to hire his 52 years colleague friend named Evans Mastano who has two daughters to impregnate his wife since both looked very much alike. 

After 77 different attempt failed to impregnate Precious. Then Precious who was a nurse at a private clinic decided and took three months vacation leave from March to June 2016 in order to dedicate fully in sleeping with her husband's friend.

Unfortunately, the man was unable to impregnate her not withstanding that her husband had to leave the bed the whole day in most times. 

After 10 months no sign of pregnancy, Darius now concluded that Evans has a medical  issues which he insisted that he should see a doctor.

2017 January, Evans visited a doctor who testified he also sterile. Every one shocked except his wife who was forced to confessed that Evans was not the father of her two kids rather his cousin Edward. 

She added that after realized that her husband could not impregnate her after two years of marriage, She had to sleep with him cousin secretly to have these two kids.

Darius now sued his friend Evans demanding his money back since he didn't not fulfilled his own part of the deal. 

Evans refused to return back the money saying he was honest in his own part of the deal but he did not guarantee conception.

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