Sunday, May 12, 2019


Vagina is known as a passage in a woman's body leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus for  copulation and childbirth. 

Ladies, your vagina needs to be inspected, if you haven't done that. You better do.

Do you know that vagina is the most important part of your body that needs to be taken proper care of.

Inability of not taken proper care of your vagina will scare men away from you.
You need to be putting your finger into your vagina every day in order to check the kind of smell you perceive. If you what you perceived smell like dead fish, then you should do something immediately.

How to care for your vagina

1.  Always clean your vagina anytime you urinate, don't allow urine to suck in your pant.

2.  Don't wash your vagina with soap, just use clean water to wash it. 

3.  Be conscious of using public toilet. If you do just look for garlic clove to insert over night. It helps to prevent yeast infection.

4.  You must change your pant anytime you take your bath to avoid offensive odour. 

5.  Every woman is expected to take her bath twice a day and ones you do that the next is to change your pant.

6.  Don't wear pant while sleeping and don't wear pant ones you at home because vagina needs to breath well. 

7.  Don't wait for your man to tell you that your vagina is bushy before you shave it. When you shave your vagina, it looks neat and attractive.

8.  Use coconut oil to clean your vagina by dropping a few in your tissue/towel when you want to wipe it. It helps to prevent yeast infection. 

9.  Avoid wearing tight, boxer or pant always because vagina needs air to penetrate it.

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