Monday, May 6, 2019


Kidney is either of two organs in the body whose function is that filters or remove waste products from your blood and urine.

One of a pair of vertebrate organs is situated in the body cavity near the spinal  column. In humans each shaped looks like bean shaped organs  about 41⁄2 inches (111⁄2 centimeters) long lying behind the  peritoneum in a mass of fatty tissue, and consist chiefly of nephrons by  which urine is secreted, collected, and discharged into a  main cavity whence it is conveyed by the ureter to the bladder.

There are ways by which you expected to be taken care of your kidney to avoid kidney disease. 

They are as follows:

1.   Holding of urine:
A full bladder of urine causes damage to bladder. Therefore, once your bladder is filled, it multiplies bacterial fast and without you empty your blabber will lead to the urine returning to the ureter and kidneys. The toxic substances there can lead to kidney infections. Always answer the call of nature any time it calls.

2.  Too much meat:
Too much protein especially meat in your meal damages kidneys. Protein digestion produces ammonia and it's very destructive toxin for the kidneys.

3.   Drinking enough water:
Taking enough water help to keep your kidneys well hydrated in order to perform it duties well. So inability of not taking enough water lead to accumulation of toxins in the blood due to lack of fluid to drain them through the kidneys. The only way to check if you have taken enough water is through your urine. Look at the colour of your urine, so the lighter the colour the better for your health.

4.   Too much Caffeine:
The component of caffeine are sodas and soft drinks, so too much of caffeine increases blood pressure and damages kidneys. Therefore, reduce the quantity of coke you drink per day.

5.   Too much salt:
The quantity of salt required per day should not be more than 5.8 grams. So excess of it lead to damage of kidneys.

6.  Late treatment:
Allowing yourself to be down before check the cause of the illness, can damage any part of your body. Regular check up is required for the family to keep yourself healthy.

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