Thursday, May 30, 2019


Today the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) all over the world are remembering their fallen heroes and heroines who were slaughtered during Biafra Civil War that was raged for two years and half years. 

Today being May 30, 2019 was tagged "Sit-at-home for all Biafrans. As the same time, there was this man who played a major role in slaughtering Biafrans during war. He was identified as Major General Benjamin Adekunle. 

He was popularly known as" The Black Scorpion", He was the main leader of the onslaught of Biafra forces. He died in 2014 at the age of 78.

The Black Scorpion was reported to have led in the killings of over 100,000 Igbos without remorse during the Civil War. Sadly, most of his victims were women and children. Due to his ruthlessness, some of his colleagues referred to him as the devil of Africa. His ruthlessness didn't have borders, neither was it a respecter of persons. An Englishman once had a disagreement with Major Adekunle and he shaved the Englishman bald, forced him to do push-ups for up to an hour and told him to write "I am a crappy Englishman and don't have a say in Nigeria" 1,000 times.

During an interview with Major Benjamin Adekunle, who was just 28 years old during the war, he revealed his intentions to extinct the Igbos. He said that when he was at Portharcourt (which was not considered as an Igbo heartland), his troops aimed at anything that moves knowing fully well that children are fond of running around. He further noted that the situation changed when they got to Eastern heartland as he charged his troops to aim at everything whether moving or not.

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