Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Parents always protect the integrity of their female child sexually and neglect the male child not knowing that as female private parts are sacred so also the male private parts.

We feel reluctant when it comes to male private parts not knowing that they are also encounter sexual abuse from ladies.

Most often we leave the male child at the care of house girls, female neighbours or aunties to watch over them while we are away. What happened to the child behind us is still unknown to us.

Males are not like females who always complained of any little thing that happened to them.

Many of the adult males will tell you that they were able to have sex at their tender age through one of their house girls, aunties or female neighbours when they were left in their care.

Others will tell you, why they were so wicked to girls were because they were sexually abuse by one of their aunties, female neighbours who threatened them if they are exposed.

At end you will be asked, didn't you enjoy it? After all, you have nothing to risk at. It's she that will be scared of being pregnant.

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