Monday, April 8, 2019


A man identified as Chidiebere Onoh popularly known by their Ayes cultist group as "Egede boys" and his friend named Sir King from Etiti Amankwo Ngwo allegedly murdered his father Christopher Onoh popularly known as Odoongwuu of Umuonovo in Uwenu Ukaka village Ngwo in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State. 

Before late Christopher met his dead, there was no peace in his family over 10 years which made him to be living like a widower till his death on, 31st January 2019.

Late Christopher married to Mrs Ngozi from the family of Nwanefi in Ibute Umuase Village Ngwo and had three sons and a daughter which Chidiebere happens to be his first son. 

On that tragedy day, Late Christopher went for a burial ceremony at his maternal home in Ekiti village. He son Chidiebere called to inform him of his urgent visitors who were waiting for him in his house.

He hurried to meet his visitors not knowing that his son has already prepared how to murder him with his friend. Chidiebere directed him to his parlour where his visitors were. He followed him closely to the parlour and hit iron rod on his head with the help of his friend sir king who used dog chain and tight it on his neck in order not to breath. His two legs and hands where held when he almost scattered everything in his parlour before giving up to ghost. 

Chidiebere and friend sir king quickly took him to his bedroom and arranged him on his bed. Both ran to Enugu Ngwo and hid themselves there.

It was late Christopher last son Miracle who came back from school to for his lunch where his father normally kept it and found non. The process of calling his father now led him to his father's room where he saw him lying lifeless on the bed with blood gushing out of his neck. 

Miracle was the one who alerted his uncle in his house what he noticed. Uncle now processed to the village square to alerts the villagers.

The villagers, include the chiefs and president general who accompanied him to see the corpse, the chiefs immediately reported the matter to 9th mile police station. 

The youths and vigilante security of the village swung into action and apprehended Chidiebere and  his friend.

After much interrogation, Chidiebere confessed that his mother told him to torture his father little in order to allow him to sell his piece of land at Ugwejo Ukaka but his father proved stubborn which led to his untimely dead. 

The community had banished Mrs Christopher Onoh (wife) and her son Chidiebere for conspired to kill Christopher Onoh.

Chidiebere and Sir King are currently in Enugu prison after they have finished at the magistrate court in Enugu where they will be publicly prosecute.

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