Wednesday, April 24, 2019


The Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari invited the Emir of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al-thani, at State House on Tuesday in Abuja to come and invest in Nigerian sector, in areas like; Power, Pipelines, Refineries, Aviation, Agriculture, Education and many other things that will benefit the concerned country along Lake Chad. 

He mapped out that it will be wise to connect Congo Basin to the water so that the countries that live along Lake Chad region will benefit from it.

He also said that over 30 million individuals will benefit from this gesture. More than half of these numbers are Nigerians. 

He  also pointed at when this project is being completed, it will reduced insurgency and promote fishing, farming and other businesses that we are striving on the region before.

President Buhari also mentioned that so many of Nigerians youths that traveled to Europe died as a result of moving through this region and died in the desert. 

He pleaded to Emir of Qatar to accept the business proposal.

The Emir of Qatar in replied that Nigeria has being in good terms with his country Qatar. 

He also added that his coming to Nigeria is a reciprocal visit because Buhari paid a visit to his country in 2016. He pledged to maintain cordial relationship with Nigeria in areas of businesses and mutual trading and others.

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