Monday, April 8, 2019


No one would ever say it better than you do. We live in a barbaric country filled with hypocrisy. A nation where peaceful protesters are proscribed as terrorists and where presumed terrorists are enlisted into the Nigerian Army.

We are the worst nation in the world under this administration.

"Vice President Yemi Osinbajo went to Rwanda and rightly said "never again" in reference to the horrific genocide that took place there 25 years ago and in which 800,000 Tutsi's were butchered in one month by Hutu militias. 

"It is ironic that the man that says "never again" is Vice President of a country which butchered 3 million Igbos in a 30 month civil war with no repentance and no remorse and in which well over 10 million people have been slaughtered in various  pogroms and massacres over the last 58 years.

"There is no country on the African continent that has suffered more violence and mass murder and that has slaughtered more of its own citizens in the name ethnic cleansing and genocide than Nigeria. And there is no nation that thrives on such fratricidal bloodletting as ours does". 

"What is horrific to others has become a norm to us. What is barbaric to others has become our world and our reality. We are a cursed nation where life has no meaning and where justice has no place.

"We are a plagued nation that defies God and displays our utter contempt for Him by constantly supporting and electing leaders that place no value on human life or His counsel. 

"It is the highest form of mockery and a grave insult to us all for the Vice President to go to another nation and say "never again" to genocide when it is alive and well in his.

"The hands he is raising in prayer and praise to the Living God are soaked and drenched with the blood of the innocents that were slaughtered under his watch and that were butchered over the last 58 years in his country. 

"Nigeria is a nation that was born through the shedding of blood, that is steeped in the shedding of blood, that is sustained by the shedding of blood and that is preserved by the shedding of blood".

"We are a nation that is in dire need of deliverance from the demons of hell. We are a traumatised and brutalised people that are in dire need of prayer, repentance and restitution. We are a country that is in dire need of God's grace, mercy and forgiveness".

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