Thursday, April 18, 2019


Ooni of Ife just narrated how he developed the Ideal to live like a common man at least once in a month because he believes that we came into this world with nothing. Moreover, he has passionate about mankind. 

At times, he will drop everything and live like an average struggling man, he will visit people living under the bridge, ride on a motorcycle and board a Molue to anywhere he wants to go in Lagos, though it was stressful to him but he used those period to interact with real people.

He also used those periods to feel their suffering and felt their pains. 

Now that he has ascended the throne, the elders refused him from living such life again but he decided to used another means that will be in line with his throne to interact with real people again.

One of them is to stop his convoy anytime he gets to a particular open place with moderate crowd and buy 'boli' (roasted plantain) and 'dundu' with this ideas he will be able to relate with them. 

He always remember that whatever position you are that nobody has never been in life, as you serve mankind, you also serving God.

Anytime he stopped, people always happy to relate with him but his security men always afraid and they have caution him to get into the car, which he has made them to realised that these people are harmless. 

Most often, he will come out and shake hands with people and buy from those that are selling and pay them higher than what they would have sold it. At times, he will stay in the car and wave hands at them.

He added that he will fall sick if he stop relating with common people.

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