Sunday, April 28, 2019


Skin Tags are small typically  benign soft pendulous growth  on the skin especially of the eyelids, neck, lower part of the breast, arms, armpits, or groin.

Skin tags are caused as a result of accumulated blood vessels and collagen in the thicker parts of the skin. These are fleshy outgrowths that appear in small size and deformed in shape which can happens to both male and female.

How to get rid of skin tags;

1.  Castor Oil:
Get a small quantity of Castor Oil mixed together with baking powder to form a paste. Apply to the affected area repeatedly for three weeks. You will notice the disappearance of the skin tag.

2.  Duct Tape:
Get a stick piece of Duct tape apply over the skin tag repeatedly for two weeks till you notice a change.

3.  Apple Cider Vinegar:
Get a cotton ball, soak in Apple Cider vinegar and apply it on the skin tag for four weeks. Definitely, you will see that it has removed.

4.  Onion Juice:
Get a sliced onion, leave it in a vessel that contained some salt overnight. Extract the juice from it the next morning. Apply it over the skin tag for two weeks. It will go off slowly.

5.  Pineapple juice:
Apply the pineapple juice three times a day for two weeks. It will go off slowly.

6.  Nail Polish:
Get Nail Polish apply it on skin tag 3 times a day, leave it to dry before removing it. Do it Repeatedly for one week and see a change.

7.  Banana Peel:
Slice banana peel to pieces and place the inside part of it on skin tag. Cover it with gauze firmly, and till next morning. Do it repeatedly to you see a change.

8.  Tea Tree Oil:
Put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball soaked with water. Rub it on the skin tag in circular motions twice day for one week.

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