Saturday, April 20, 2019


Women's breasts are meant to touch, lick and suck because breasts are filled with hype-sensitive that get stimulated whenever it been touched, licked and sucked. 

Breastfeeding mother advised to always allow your baby to suck your breast as long as the baby wants and your husband to suck it as well to prevent lumps.

Benefits of breast sucking 

1.  Prevention of cancer 
Sucking and massaging breasts frequently help for easy flow of hormones and reducing the risk of having lumps which can develop to cancer.

2.  Boost immune system 
Breast sucking has helped in boosting immune system which resulted in the production of antibodies that fight against viruses.

3.  Improves easy blood flow 
Breast sucking helps to move more than 30 female facial muscles and improve easy flow of the blood in your skin.

4.  Balance cardiovascular system 
Frequent of breast sucking helps to increase the heart beat rate to 110 per minute and also serves as an exercise to the heart.

5.  Prevention of lungs diseases 
Breast sucking allows a woman to breath up to 60 times per minute. The process of inhaling and exhaling often prevent all kinds of lungs diseases.

6.  Rich to orgasm 
Breast sucking and licking the nipples makes one to get to high rate of sensitivity that will rich to orgasm most especially those that doesn't enjoy sex.

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