Friday, April 5, 2019


The first place Aircraft landed in  Nigeria happened to be at Polo Ground in Kano now known as Filin Sukuwa which is Racecourse in Nassarawa GRA. Filin Polo is ground on Independence Road. 

The three aircraft De Havilland DH 9A that landed in Kano on 1st November, 1925 at 5:10pm during the expedition belonged to the  Royal Air Force which took off from RAF base in Helwan, Egypt.

Meanwhile, it had several stopovers from Egypt, Sudan and  N'Djamena which was known to be Fort Lamy (Fallomi in Hausa). Therefore, on 6th November, its left Kano to Kaduna and later returned to Kano on 10th November. 

Those involved in the trip were Emir of Zazzau Ibrahim Kwasau, the pilots and colonial officers.

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