Monday, April 22, 2019


Dino Melaya is working very hard to ensure that there will be a better Kogi State.

As a result, he has advised the current Kogi State governor, Bello Yahaya to step down honourably so that a more capable hand who can handle the affairs of Kogi State will come into power.

Dino liked Bello to a 5 year old boy who could not carry 50kg Dangote bag of cement.

He added, currently works in Kogi State is more cumbersome and needs a more experience person to handle the affairs of Kogi State. So that things will work out fine for all the people of Kogi State and that will be more visible development in the State as regards to the individuals.

Indigenes of Kogi State will need a strong governor in the State, He said.

Dino Melaya is gently asking governor Bello Yahaya to resign, not that he is not a good governor but for a stronger matured mind to take over the affairs of the State.

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