Sunday, April 14, 2019


A Nigerian Philanthropist and former Aba North Chairman, Alex Ikwechegh through his foundation visited the hospital where the woman whose fingers were cut off by fulani herdsmen in Aba. 

The foundation paid her hospital bill and offered her a job which in order to take care of her needs.

The foundation also gave money to other patients in the hospital which they were grateful and asked God for His blessing upon him. 

The foundation spokesman said that Ikwechegh was so devastated when he heard the ugly act committed by the Fulani herdsmen in Abia State.

He added that this State has been a quite and peaceful State before the coming of Fulani herdsmen. He asked the security agents to ensure that these perpetrators were arrested. 

"We are here because our Chairman, Alex Ikwechegh understands your plight. In fact, he was dejected and devastated when he heard the news and that's why he sent us to donate this money to you".

"This is not Abia State that we use to know before. We had peace but now with the coming of the Herdsmen, our people now live in fear which ought not to be so". 

"We want peace in our state and hopefully, the security agents will act immediately to stop the nefarious activities of the Herdsmen, " he said.

Miss Esther Nmecha the woman whose fingers were cut off narrated her story briefly and appreciated Alex Ikwechegh for his good gesture towards her. 

“In making real their threat, one of the Fulani herdsmen brought out his machete and targeted to cut my neck.

“It was in an attempt to defend myself that he missed his target and cut off my four fingers.

“I was rushed to the Police Clinic at the Central Police Station, Aba, where they immediately referred me to the Aba General Hospital as a result of the critical nature of my case."

"I thank Ikwechegh for coming to my aid, may God bless him abundantly ", She said.

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