Saturday, March 23, 2019


For all the northerners in the house, Igbos don't really like Buhari with a reason, note it.

Get another stronger, healthier , better, more reasonable and economical ideal man under APC or any other party, and see if Igbos will not vote for that person.

Let's remove sentiments and face the fact. Let's remove party aside and face the real performance of the man in the office.

Igbos are not against the north but the person represent by a few in the north.

Economical you all know that Buhari scored zero. Igbos are economical minded people. We don't care to rule. We don't make our money through Government purse.

Didn't the Igbos vote for Late Shagari and late Yar'Adua?

I don't believe that Buhari is the best brain north has to represent Nigerians. 

Bring out a real successful business man from the north and see if the Igbos will not campaign and vote for him massively.

Get a better candidate and see how the Igbos will react. Don't force a failure and mistake on us, biko.

Be truthful to yourselves, how much was the price of dollar and how much was Nigeria reserve account when he took over power?

Do you know how much Nigeria is owing now?

Real Igbo man don't vote for failure.  Igbos voted for him in 2015. Personally I know most Igbos  campaigned and voted for him but he failed to deliver.

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