Sunday, March 31, 2019


Three young men requested for an account of a car dealer to make a payment after pricing of a 2013 Toyota Camry at ₦5million which they transferred ₦3million into his account after two days.

They came to him immediately after the transfer and apologized to him that they couldn't complete the money and he should give them ₦2.5 million and take ₦500,000 for inconvenience it might have caused  him.

Willingly the car dealer just gave them ₦2.5million cash.

Three days after FSARS and Anti Kidnapping Squads invaded his car stand and demanded to see the owner of account which he responded immediately as the owner.

He then realised that his bank account was used to receive ransom from kidnapped thereby involving him in the crime.

The cash given to them by car dealer has no trace and it indicated that ₦500,000 was his part of the share of money.

He was arrested for a crime he knew nothing about.

Let's be wise in dealing with strangers and those who claimed to be our customers.

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