Thursday, March 7, 2019


Beware!!! Note how they operate:

1.They will use your bank name to call you. For example UBA, ZENITH BANK, UNION BANK, GTB etc. He will tell you that he is your bank customer's care.
2. They will tell you that your account with them have problems.    
3. They will tell you your account number and the BVN no.    
4.They will tell you exactly the last transaction you did and  where you did it and your last balance.

5. The day you opened the account and the location.
6. Your ATM Number but not the pin.      
7. Your Names and date of birth.    
8. They will then ask your ATM PIN. They may tell you the two digits of your ATM no.

If you give them the PIN all your money will be withdrawn to the last kobo.

They have used this means to withdraw millions  from people's account.

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