Saturday, March 23, 2019


√  Sex cannot make a man to hold a woman forever rather it's your attitude towards  him that will make him to stay with you forever.

√  Sex is not love, if you like give a man sex from morning to night, if he failed to hold a good attitude of yours, whenever he is fade up or tried with that particular sex, the next is to look for another one elsewhere.

√  A sexy woman without good attitude will only bring lover boys closer to her who will sex and turn her 360% on bed at last go out look for a novice and teach her those styles they want in bed.

√  Yes, men need sex but don't abuse it because they will be the one to remind you that all 'hole na hole' after all you were not a virgin before they met you.

√  Don't turn yourself into a sex machine because you're lost to fine and handsome boy, at your back you became too ruse and it will be seen as your weak point that she doesn't yes no.

√  Sex and money will only keep a man temporarily at your door step whereas good attitude will make him to be part of your life.

Think about it ladies!

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