Wednesday, March 13, 2019


It is very prudent that after the gubernatorial and state House of Assembly elections in Akwa Ibom state, APC won in 26 local government areas, but those in the opposition party rejected and cancelled APC votes and results. 


Akwa Ibomites loves APC with passion that's why they voted massively for the change of governance in Akwa Ibom state of which I know the voted with their whole heart.


About 4pm yesterday evening a vehicle loaded with voted ballot papers got a fatal accident along Oku Abak - Ibagwa road and the voted ballot papers spread on the road, who knows where they were taken them to and the voted ballot papers belongs to APC which they said no body voted for. 


My people when you want to rig election think and plan a hundred times before it expose you, like what happens yesterday.


The prayer of APC voters is crying for justice. 


~ Anamemem Atabong Ubokudom

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