Friday, March 22, 2019


Pineapple is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamins but leaves is what we neglect most not knowing that it will go as far as making one strong and healthy again.

Pineapple leaves contains the following:

*  Calcium oxalate
*  Fiber
*  Pentose
*  Bromelin enzyme
*  Cellulose
*  Pectic substantial

Here are some healing power of pineapple leaves:

1.  Prevent Diabetes:
Regular intake of pineapple leaves help to reduce blood sugar level as it's rich in fiber which makes it good food for a diabetic patient.

2.  Prevent nose bleeding:
There are some who normally experience nose bleeding and stress. Boiling pineapple leaves and take like tea, it will help to prevent such illness.

3.  Pain relieve:
Boil pineapple leaves and take it as tea, it will reduces all forms of pain be it waist pain or any other one.

4.  Boost immune system:
Regular taking of Pineapple leaves help to boost immunity as it fights against disease that caused by micro organisms like viruses bacteria and fungi.

5.  Reduces weakness:
Make tea from Pineapple leaves, take often it increases blood circulation and reduce weakness of the body.

6.  Prevent cough:
Boil pineapple leaves, extract the water, take it warm and see how the cough will vanished from your system.

7. Ulcer treatment:
Pineapple leaves have been used in treating an ulcer patient. All you need to do is to boil the pineapple leaves for some minutes, extract the water, take it when cold.

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