Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Scent leaf is among the leaves that enriched with values for medical benefits. The leaves have a unique distinctive smell and taste.

There are many ways to use scent leaf, either you squeeze it and drink or add it in your regular meals. What ever ways, it still good to your health depends the aim of taking it.

Here are some benefits of scent leaf

1.  Heart diseases:
Scent leaf helps to prevent heart disease by adding it to your meals regularly, it will go a long way to improve ones health.

2.  Mosquito/Fly bites:
The distinctive scent leaf smell drives mosquito away from biting one when putting in a room. In other words, it fights mosquito/fly problem.

3.  Anti-inflammatory property:
Scent leaf contain anti-inflammatory property and calcium that help to prevent bone disease like osteoporosis. It's also help for the treatment of arthritis, healing of wounds and scratches on the body.

4.  Prevent kidney disease:
According to study, scent leaf has been used to clean kidney disease because it helps to reduce nicotine, especially for the smoker. Taking scent leaf will help to reduce nicotine in ones body and reduce stress.

5.  Prevent diabetes:
Diabetes is inability of pancreas not producing enough insulin or the cells of the body responding properly to the insulin produced. Scent helps to lower blood sugar level from damage.

6.  Infertility problems:
Scent leaf is good for both male and female productive organs because it helps to boost fertility. It also helps to strength sperm vitality and prevent infertility.

7.  Pain relieve:
Scent leaf juice or tea is used for the pain relieve such as menstrual pain, malaria, fever, cough and stomach ache. You will feel relief because it serves as Ibuprofen and aspirin.

8.  Lactation problem: 
The period is when mother lactates to feed her child. Research shows that Scent leaf helps to solve lactation after birth, so mother needs to take it regularly by adding scent leaf to her food or tea by boiling it with small quantity of water in order to stimulate milk production.

9.  Indigestion issues: 
Scent leaf also helps to solve stomach disorder. Make it as a habit to be taking scent leaf tea. It helps one from diarrhea.

10.  Serves as antiseptic:
Scent leaf is used to kill germ and bacteria in ones body because it serves as an antiseptic.

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